Tourist Chic

My Outfit: Blouse- BP Nordstrom, Shorts- Levi's DIY, Belt- thrifted, Tennies- Keds, Purse- Vintage Coach, Sunnies- Zara

 Hi guys!!! I'm in Madrid! Like Madrid, Spain... like I'm not in America! This is crazy!! (So call me maybe? Just kidding... love that song!) And of course, me being me, one of the most important things about coming to this glorious place is what I wear! I've only been here for about four days and all I can say is... ME GUSTA!! Yesterday, me and two of my best friends (who happen to be sisters), Eli and Pau, got our tourist gear on and went to El Retiro. Basically, its the Spanish version of Central Park... but a lot cooler since its Spanish! If you follow me on Instagram you can see my ultimate tourist outfit-- camera and all!!  (@CarolineArtime)  I'll try to keep you posted as often as I can while I'm here enjoying the Spanish life!!

Os Quiero... Besitos,

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