for the wanderlusters

So if you're like me, traveling and beautiful places are always on my mind.  I want to see everywhere lovely and beautiful and different from the place I'm at the moment.  Right now, of course, I'm craving Spain and LA but since I spend a lot of my time when I'm at home online looking at blogs and getting inspiration, I've been seeing an over excessive amount of beautiful places... sooooo in honor of my current obsession I created a Tumblr page dedicated just to pretty places hence the title "Pretty Places" 

Check it out, you wont be sorry! :) xx



Juan Fernández said...

Bellas, bellas, bellas fotografías. Saludos desde www.jualferx.blogspot.com

Caroline Artime said...

gracias juan!

Mikazuki said...

augh, too beautiful! <3 I'd love to go to Spain or Europe or anywhere, really.



Caroline Artime said...

I went to Spain this summer and it was probably the best place I've ever been too! You need to go! It will really change your life!

Anonymous said...

The wanderlust never leaves my system, ik how you feel;) Let's keep in touch, maybe we'll be in the same city someday!!


Caroline Artime said...

thanks for the comment chica! xx