spring break, baby

Dress- Vintage // ShoesTerra Cotta // SunniesUrban Outfitters // Jewels- Alex & Ani, Nordstrom, Vintage, Brandy Melville 

 Spring break is finally here and I'm in Los Freaking Angeles!  You guys don't even understand how stoked I am to be here!  Today was my first official day here and it was absolutely beautiful!  I'm going to try to blog everyday this season.  Or at least have a post ready to go up everyday this season!  (We'll see if I can keep that promise....)  To start it off, I thought I would share with you what I wore today on my adventures with my best friend from home, Monica.  We had breakfast with a friend in the sun then ran som errands then went to Melrose to get Urth Caffé.  Organic Green Tea Blended Boba is my favorite!!  Anyways, the weather was perfect today and just everything was perfect today.  I love spring and I'm going to share my love with y'all!


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Mikazuki said...

Cute photos! It looks so nice there. :)