2013 spring face

spring face

spring face by legitfashion featuring nars cosmetics

I've been wanting to do some posts about my favorite beauty products for a while now so I thought... "hey its finals week I should distract myself and actually do it!!"  At least I'm being productive... right?
Anyways, above is a selection of my favorite makeup products.  Because I'm at school right now, I don't wear as much makeup as I usually do at home.  {I'm way too tired and don't really care to put on a full face just for going to the studio.}  On the rare, but starting to become more regular, days that I actually do my makeup these are the products I'm loving for Spring right now.
My inspirations have been drawn from the very fresh faces that were recently on the runway during fashion week.  I found that a very basic face is the way to go while playing up one select feature, particularly lips and lashes.

Here's my basic makeup routine plus review:

NARS True Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Mortiz - I love this.  Its so light and fresh and leaves my face a little dewy which is really big right now.  Also, moisturizer is a must.
Bare Essentials Matte Powder in Medium Beige - This has been my favorite for years now.  So light and gives a matte effect which is a great mix with my tinted moisturizer.  The color is great for my skin tone as well.  AND SPF!!
Bare Essentials Mineral Veil Powder - This is a must have.  Sets my make up really well and blends out anything I might not have caught when applying moisturizer and the matte powder.
NYX Blush Stick in Orchard - Perfection.  This is such a great and fresh looking color.  Blend a little into the apples of your checks and up your check bones to get a really light, happy effect!
Bare Essentials Powder Shadows in Antique Pearl and True Gold - Antique Pearl is now discontinued but its my go-to all over eye color (above is shown a similar color, Queen Phyllis).  Sometimes I simply apply to my lid or just under my brow.  As for True Gold, I like to do my crease when I'm feeling extra fancy or for on a normal day when I don't want to wear eyeliner I mix it with a little water and apply to the underneath lash line of my eye.  Its really magical.
Stila All Day Stay Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Periwinkle - Light purple liner has been showing up everywhere lately and I got this for Christmas in a Stila eyeliner set from my mom, so I decided to try it out and found out that I absolutely love it.  Normally I'll just apply it to the bottom waterline.  It's really a great way to add a little pazazz to your eyes without doing anything over the top!  Purple is also just really in right now anyways so its like... perfection!
Benefit They're Real Mascara - I love this mascara.  I tend to switch up my mascara everyday (I have a lot!) but this one is definitely my favorite.  You have to try it to understand what I mean, but I promise you that you'll love it... and if you don't... I don't know, you might have gotten a bad bottle because its sooo good!
Katy Perry Oh Honey fake lashes - I recently wore these for a party I went to the other weekend and I love them! I am a huge fan of fake lashes... I sometimes wish I was one of those girls who wore them everyday but sadly I'm not.  I love the effect of fake lashes, especially worn with really simple makeup elsewhere on the face.  Its magic.
Lancôme Le Rouge Absolu Lipstick in Créme de Marron - I'm pretty sure this was a limited edition or gift set color, but I love it.  Its almost the color of my own lips but a little more nude so its the perfect "nude" shade for me right now.  I am currently obsessed with either really poppy red lips or nude lips, so this one is my nude choice at the moment.  (Above is a similar color, L'absolu Rouge.)
Butter London Nail Laquer - Any color by Butter will be fab but this one I'm crazy over.  For some reason I cannot find the name but its a really pretty nude/beige color with a little shimmer.  I feel like my choice of nail laquer will change a lot as the season progresses, but for early spring this is my #1 choice!

I highly recommend all of these products!  If you currently use or start to use these products let me know what you think of them in the comments below!

Stay glam xo,


Mikazuki said...

Hmm, this is really interesting. I don't wear too much makeup but if I decide I need to get more, I'll definitely check out some of these products. :)

Juan Fernández said...

Gracias por compartir, saludos desde www.jualferx.blogspot.com

Caroline Artime said...

definitely girl! i try not to wear a lot of make up too but if i do i like to make it look really natural so definitely give these a try if you're just starting to get into wearing make up :) cute blog by the way!
xx Car

Caroline Artime said...

sí! gracias por leeeer. besitos