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So I'm trying out something new and utilizing my knowledge of photoshop... changing up the layout of my post a little bit and starting up a new idea.  Instead of posting just whatever I was all the time, I am going to try to divide my posts into categories so everything is a little more organized (and its a little bit easier for me!)  To start this whole new thing off, today I am introducing Trend Love.  This category, for lack of a better word, will feature three trends that I am loving at the moment.  I will posting this category about once a month and will include clothing, accessory, hair, nail and other beauty trends that I am loving at the moment.  Let's see how this goes.... !!!

Since I've been on the hunt for a summer job, I've been in every local retail store imaginable!  One thing that I noticed when I would browse around these shops before giving in my resume, my eye is almost instantly drawn to anything with a bohemian embroidery.... preferably neon pink or orange.  Normally, I'm not the kind of gal that jumps on the embroidered peasant look since I've always thought it was a little to cliché, but now that I've dropped my pride about it... I'm obsessed!  

Pants for summer is always a little tricky.  You have to wear them to work because the office is freezing (mine is freezing as I type this!) or you just want to wear them because if you're a Californian like me, you know that the temperature can change really fast the later it gets in the day.  If you're talking to me, jeans are out of the question... I am not a fan.  For summer though, I am really loving comfy statement pants that either remind me of the Hammer Time music video or have a really great all over pattern or embellishment.  I think that because of their "comfy" façade, this style of pants is literally the best for summer.

Though I haven't tried a look like this for myself, I have been quite obsessed with tops and bottoms that match.  First I loved the whole white-on-white look that became super popular this past year, but now I'm just loving the whole same-on-same idea for any color or pattern.  I think for summer, having the matching top and bottom adds an unexpected and fashion forward twist to the typical shorts and top look.  I'm definitely going to be trying it out!

Well I hope y'all liked this whole new look/idea thing I'm going to be trying out.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below both about the new idea and the three trends!

XX, Caroline

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