Summer Hair Revolution!

Ugh! I am so tired of everything having the same old sleek hair with the stupid french braid in the front.  Okay, its adorable I admit, but come on!  Let's get creative people!  There are so many more braids out there and so many more things that we are able to do with the gorgeous hair we were all given!  There are so many things from ponies to knots to extravagant braids to buns to head wraps to so much more!  This summer, if you're having a blah kind of day, so what?  Jazz your one day old hair with a braid.  1) dirty hair works better for braid, 2)  it hides all the yucky-ness!! It's like the perfect way to hide the fact that you weren't too excited about getting up that morning.  And I am for sure not implying that you should only wear braids on your bad hair days, you should wear one any day!! So whose with me this summer!?  I believe it's time for a hair revolution!  *I'll post more about this later, and maybe I'll post some of my trail and errors as the summer season progresses!)  
Xo, Caroline

P.S. on a side note to all the locals, good luck to all of those who have finals this week and congrats to all the graduates! You will be missed! xoxo

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