Day in the Life: Jerseylicious

           So we're going to try this new thing where we have set things we're going to post regularly.  For example, this will be the first of many "Day in the Life" posts about the both us of.  We spend a lot of time together, and we always end up doing the most random, idiotic things that anyone can come up with so we thought it'd be a laugh to share them will all of you!!  Like we've mentioned many times before, we're shameless so feel free to judge us... These posts are going to have nothing to do with anything most likely, and absolutely will not be relevant to fashion.  We feel like this will be a way that you'll be able to get to know us more without actually knowing us!  How exciting is that?!  
          Let me explain whats going on here... Today we had a photo shoot, but after it was all done we watched the show Jerseylicious for a good three hours and were very inspired by their wonderful makeup.  We completed our "looks" with sparkly dresses, hooker heals, puppies, and of course, more sparkles!  This is obviously the most fashionable post you'll ever find here on Legit Fashion!  Hope you are having as much reading this as we did getting dresses up!  Its summer, there's nothing better to do anyways...
Xo, Legit

P.S. you might meet our alter egos along the way, as well: Bacon & Dinky and Pixi & BamBam. 

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