Pattyes Closet

If you don't know the joy of thrift shopping, you are truely missing out on a huge part of cheap, fashionable clothing.  Normally, I like to venture aways away to get some good thrifting in (like Burbank or Ventura), but there happens to be one little gem of a thrift store, or should I say vintage second-hand store, in a town, called Montrose, around where both Katie and I live.  The store is called Pattyes Closet, which I assume is owned by a lady named Renee because its the name that was on one of the many business cards the ladies threw at me when I told them I wanted to blog about them.  (It's so much fun sometimes!)  The two ladies working in the store were so nice and helpful.  When we first walked in you could see that they were a  little concerned about me and my sister, two teenage girls, walking into the store looking intensively for a good find.  Eventually when they realized we were harmless they started small talk and recommended a few pieces to us (carpet pants..... gorgeous... I wish they had fit!  Stupid hips!)  We explained how we were pretty much like the dream sister duo, Rachel being a photographer and me being a fashion guru, and we kept trying on lots of interesting things.  We pulled things like an adorable red, white, and blue polk dot maxi dress (didn't buy because of armpit stains... they're always a turn off), a black and white 50s polka dot dress, a sheer lace sequenced dress, and a lot more.  There were all sorts of trinkets all over the store; lots of hats and scarves.  There was so much to look at, I wish we could have stayed earlier and I plan on going back either this weekend or next weekend to take more pictures to post here.  My hands down favorite thing about the store was their selection of jewelry.  Their abundance of rings, necklaces, broaches, bracletes, earring was unbelievable.  I will never ever, ever look anywhere else for jewelry again.  I had a moment, to say the least.  I highly recommend checking out this store if you're a fellow LA resisdent. Bring anywhere between $20 and $100.  Prices are not that expensive, but because of the quality of their items you're going to want to buy a lot.  TRUST ME!  Rachel and I walked out of the store with two silk scarves, one snake ring, a 80's floral prom dress, and the lacey dress I mentioned earlier.  I'm not going to say anymore.  Check out some pictures from our Thursday sister-date picture below!
Xo, Caroline


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