Tourist Attraction.

Last Saturday I was more than fortunate to be able to style a photoshoot for my sister's photography business.  (Yes, she's younger than me and is much, much more successful than me... let's just say theres a little jealousy there!) The photoshoot was beyond anything she's done before.  We drove up to one of the spots in Hollywood where you can see the Hollywood sign and lets just say.. we weren't the only ones there.  The place was swarming with tourists, which totally added to the fun of the whole thing.  The two girls that Rachel was shooting are named Juno and Sophie.... They are AMAZING models!!  They are so natural infront of the camera and they pulled off the clothes fantastically!  (I'm also quite jealous of both of their hairs... one word: gorgeous!) Because of the location I decided on two different themes for clothing.  The first one was more vintage, because I wanted to play on the idea of old Hollywood and modernize it a little.  While shopping at Pattyes Closet last week Rach and I found this amazing knee length beaded lace dress which I chopped off to make a mini that I paired with some leather sandals to make the look complete.  The other style I was going for was more of the hippy-chic tourist-like look.  It involved turbins (how-to coming soon!), long white 70s flare jeans, and pops of red all over the place.  Take a look at what I did.... I'm so pleased on how it all came together and I hope you love it as much as I do!!
Xo, Caroline

You can see the rest of this shoot by clicking here (Rachel Artime Photography).  Trust me, you will fall in love, and I'm not just saying that because she's my little sister.


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Kassie said...

Holy wow! Awesome pictures and beautiful clothing! Great job to all of you!