Florals in Fall?

 If you're like me, you're probably out every weekend shopping for the latest fall trends!  Shopping for Fall clothing can be really fun (and a little pricey!!) but it also a little sad because it means that you have to say good-bye to some of everyone's favorite non-Fall trends.... like floral!  Floral prints are normally recognized with Spring and have really been incorporated into Summer fashions over the last couple years.  For the most part designers and large clothing companies ditch the floral during Winter and Fall leaving some of us pretty sad that our favorite prints aren't really in style for the next couple months.  Well, if that's you, you're in luck!  Be different this Fall and keep your florals in your wardrobe!  I don't mean whip out your favorite floral sundresses and through on some tights though; that's so last year.  During the next couple months try to use floral in minimal ways that will make a big statement.  The perfect example would be to use floral statement scarves and blazers, which are big trends this season and are absolute must-haves.  If you're a floral lover, go for these pieces in floral to replace your last season dresses and blouses. (Save the floral dresses/ blouses though, they will be useful for time in between Winter and Spring while you're shopping for Spring clothes!!)  I also would encourage the use of floral on shoes and handbags when wanting to integrate a favorite pattern into your fall-wear.  Mix florals with fall bolds, solids, or even something simple like a little black dress for the perfect Fall look!  I hope you found these tips and suggestions helpful!!

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