Tumblr Highlights

Sooo Tumblr... it's amazing!  If don't already have one you should go sign up for one right now then follow me!  (http://m-a-r-i-p-o-s-a.tumblr.com) Basically its a site for anyone to reblog pictures and fun little videos of whatnots.  For me, its like a fashion diary.  Its a collection of things that I see that I love, plus the occasional random things here and there.  These are a couple photos that I have recently reblogged to my page that I wanted to share with all of you because they are outfits/looks that I am loving for this fall.  Lots of big sweaters, flared jeans, maxi skirt... Big shoes and cheetah print!! They are all inspiring my daily-wear and I hope they can do the same for you!

Xo, Caroline

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