Writers Block

Hi guys, I know I haven't posted in a while and I honestly feel like a complete failure for it.  I have been having the worst writers block in a long time so I literally have no idea or thoughts about anything.  Okay, well I have lots of ideas and thoughts but I am having the most difficult time putting them down on paper.  I just thought I'd post a few picture from what I've been up to lately so we can pretend like I've actually been working on stuff for Legit.  The first couple are from my school's homecoming Spirit Spectacular assembly.  It was probably my favorite day from the last couple weeks because I was asked to homecoming in front of the whole school.  I was thoroughly embarrassed yet really, really happy I was asked by who I was asked by.  The next pictures are just from some football games, post game milkshake outing, and two froyo runs after a two birthday dinners.  So yeah, that's my life-- pretty exciting!  And seriously, if anyone has any cure for writers block, please oh please comment and tell me your secrets!
Xo, Caroline

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