dressing room diary: Brandy Melville

So, my all time favorite store for casual and unusual clothing is a store called Brandy Melville located in Santa Monica, CA.  Even though it is quite a drive for more because of all the crazy LA traffic, it is definitely worth the trek!  About once a month, my sister and I drive out to the beach and probably spend way to much money on all things Brandy.  I totally forgot to photograph the jewelry I bought, but I bought a lot, and they are definitely my new favorite pieces.  I am more than 100% that you will be seeing some in future posts!  But anyways, I ended up only buying the cheetah cross and triangle tanks because I wanted to stock up on some jewelry, but these two additions to my closet are perfect for a day at the beach or just laying around the pool chilling with friends.  I like to call them a new addition to my "hipster-wear".  P.S. the shorts that I am wearing are just a pair of old hi-waisted jeans that I cut off! $1 at my local thrift store.

In the future I plan on doing more "Dressing Room Diary" posts to show you things I've purchases or things I've tried on.  If you want I would be more than glad to get prices for y'all for if anything I try on/buy inspires you to do the same!

What's your fave tank?!  Tell me in the comments below!

Xo, Caroline

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La Lara said...

Dressing room idea is amazing!! I love all the shirts.

Catie said...

The dressing room post idea is brilliant! I love it! I also love that america tank. It's awesome.


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