HTW: Peter Pan Collars

 "How do I wear my super cute new Peter Pan collar blouse?!" you ask???  Well, let me tell you!

If you've been in any store in the last three months, you know what a Peter Pan collar is, or at least what it looks like!  Anything with one of these lovely little collars is definitely something you should pick up when you see it!  They are super trendy right now and are a great way to spruce up your wardrobe, keeping it up-to-date!  I found this great shirt at a store called Heavenly Couture on Balboa Island for only $15!  Yeah, I said it.... $15!  And the crazy thing is, the whole freaking store was $15!  Like every single item of clothing... I found my new go-to place for trendy, seasonal clothing all right!  But anyways, I thought I'd share with all of y'all three ways how you can wear a blouse with a Peter Pan collar!  I've decided to feature three looks:  business, casual, and night time.

Look #1: Business appropriate + Peter Pan collar.  In my look, I paired my blouse with an A-line, black skirt and cardigan.  I really like skirts for work because they're feminine and fun.  They're super easy to wear and are way more comfortable then trousers.  I always make sure my skirts knee length and my shoulders are covered.  Keeping my shoulders covered creates a much more professional look.  I added a woven belt to make the look a little bit more fun and wore my Sam Edelman kitten healed sandals.  Since my outfit was so simple, I made sure to add a lot of bracelets, as well as my usual rings.  Adding jewelry to a simple work outfit is the way to go, since they're playful and can be personal!

Look #2: Casual!! My favorite!  I love being fashionably casual!  Like, who doesn't love it when they're running errands and people admire what you're wearing?!  In this look, I paired my blouse with some navy cotton shorts, and left it untucked.  Normally, I tuck everything, but since this look is the most casual, I decided to leave it untucked.  Plus, its cute since the shirt is sheer!  (Also, on that note, please oh please always make sure you have a cami or cute bandeau on underneath your sheer blouses!  I have to admit though, sometimes I don't always follow that rule... but keep it in mind!)  I decided to slip on my favorite pair of woven sandals and only added two strands of pearls and my wrist watch-- keeping it cute, flirty and simple!

Look #3: The formal look.  Nighttime appropriate.  The sassiest of all.  I love to get dressed up and that's just what I did with this look.  I paired my lovely little blouse with a pair of black cigarette pants, printed pumps, and a cheetah print clutch.  I love a good cigarette pant, especially for night time.  Pairing them with the Peter Pan blouse kind of makes the whole idea of wearing pants at night a lot more fun and flirts up your look a little bit.  Like how sassy is that?  Adding two printed pieces to the look also makes it much more special.  I love adding cheetah anything, but adding the floral finishes the look perfectly!  And throwing my hair up in a bun makes the look look effortless but chic at the same time!

I hope this helped you out a little bit!

Xo, Caroline

P.S. HTW: "How to Wear", I plan on doing a lot more of these type of posts in the future!

I'd love to hear back from you, so leave a comment below! Xx

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