summer wishlist!

summer wishlist

#1 Wildfox Couture $92  #2 Top Shop $25  #3 Carven Anastasie $360  #4 Essie $8  #5 Alexander McQueen $495  #6 Madewell $198  #7 Top Shop $64  #8 Kate Spade $52  #9 Lucky Brand $35  #10 Free People $128

There is a constant wishlist of things that I wish I could have running through my head.  Like seriously, I will be sitting in my Psychology class and I'll think back to the last time I went shopping and add random things to the list of things I neeeed!  Although some of the things above are a little pricey, they're still on my wishlist because they serve as an internal inspiration board.  For example, I can't afford an Alexander McQueen cuff but I keep it on my wishlist so when I go to a store with things I actually can afford, I know its something I'm looking for!  I am seriously obsessed with some of the things above and it hurts my poor fashion girl heart that I can't afford all of these lovely things.... boo hoo :(

Satchel- Perfect for a day to the beach, amusement park, shopping or a casual day out on the town.  They're great because they store the things you need with easy access, plus you can just throw them over your shoulder when you're on the run.  You don't want to worry about your purse while there's only so may precious hours of summer fun!
Sunnies- A trendy pair of sunnies is the perfect way to keep the most simple outfits current and fashion forward.  Pair them with jean shorts and a white tee for a really classic look, or pair them with a super fashion forward dress for an edgy, sassy look!  A pair of trendy sunnies is a summer essential!  Normally I grab 2 or 3 cheapies from Forever 21 or H&M for the summer since (if you're like me) you'll probably be doing a lot of fast paced activities where they might break or scratch!
Mint Polish- This colour has been in for a long time, but especialllllly for this summer since this colour is pretty much a neutral now.  Daytime, nighttime.... it works for practically every outfit you'll be wearing this summer.  It's definitely worth an investment, so don't buy cheap!

Xo, Caroline

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chicachia said...

That is one amazing wishlist.
I'm with you on this one!


Alyssa said...

Really cute blog, girl. Love your Polyvore.