summer must haves!

summer must haves

#1 Coppertone SPF 8 $8 #2 J. Crew $115 #3 Essie $8 #4 Rag & Bone $277 #5 Sun In $10 #6 forevernew.com.au $13 #7 ajraefields.com $25 #8 Nordstrom $49

Hello California girls or wannabe California girls!  Are you ready for one of the best summers that LA has ever seen?!  I sure am, especially since I've grabbed a couple summer essentials that every girl around the world needs to make a splash this summer!  Above are my 8 favorite things that are necessary to stay fabulous this summer vacay!  All of these things can be mixed and matched with any of the clothes that you've been stashing up for the hot, hot months of summer!  And if you're not from the Golden State, make sure you pick up a pair of Rainbow Sandals, and you will be radiating some California love!

Xo, Caroline

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Menachérie said...

Love the Rainbows! Perfect for summer