thinking about spring

So I am like super excited for Spring.  Though it is very obvious that my favorite season is Summer, I have to admit that Spring is a close runner up.  Here's a few reasons why..... 
#1 my birthday!! #2 everything good seems to happen in Spring #3 I'm always the most inspired during these months #4 Things are concluding but its okay because Summer is right about the corner.  
Basically, Spring just makes me so happy.  I love the weather and just the way that everyone suddenly seems a little happier and more spontaneous!
One thing I know for sure that I love Spring for is that I get to change up my style a bit.  I definitely like to take advantage of the whole "Spring Cleaning" fad that everyone gets really into and clean out my closet of things and styles I've worn enough of.  I always find my Fall/Winter style to be a little more edgy and simple so I love when Spring rolls around because this is the time when my true colors shine through.  Don't get me wrong, I love the whole simplistic, black head-to-toe look--its basically my signature for half the year--but for some reason the Spring and Summer just bring out the inner bohemian beach princess in me.
Especially for Spring this year I'm going to try to portray my bohemian styled self with a girly ethereal twist.  I'm totally loving the whole spinny dress and boots look.... unique head pieces.... lots of jewelry.... and unexpected lace/crochet.  Bright colors.  Flowers in my hair. 

If you didn't get what I'm trying to say here.... I'm really excited for Spring!

Xo, Car


Mikazuki said...

I'm so excited for spring too...I hate winter. :)

Caroline Artime said...

its not that i hate winter, its just my least favorite!! spring is just so exciting in so many ways!!! xx