oh Urbz

 Hey babes!  So I'm totally in love with the Urban Outfitters Spring lookbook right now!  If you couldn't already tell from my last post... I am super stoked for Springtime and need it asap!  I'm really loving the vibe of UO's line this season and will totally be investing in a few trendier pieces to put a Spring 2013 spin on my Spring basics.  Definitely think Urbs is a great place to buy great quality trendy seasonal pieces!  

Because I'm loving the lookbook so much and boring you all with my adoration for it... I have a treat for you!  Enter the promo code LUCKY20 at check out and when you spend $100 or more you'll receive $20 off (or possibly more if the luck of the Irish is with you!)  Also... Don't forget to check out the super cool Saint Patty's stuff they've got too!  Since I now live in the city with the biggest Saint Patrick's Day celebration in the country I'm a little bias for the holiday now! 

Click the banner below for this super sick deal!

45115_Go Green! The St. Patty's Day Shop is now open at UO_468x60


Claudia Castro said...

OMG! am in love with it too


Mikazuki said...

This is great! :D