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So meet my favorite sweater.  His name is Calvin.  I found him at a thrift store back in LA for $8!  Yeah, that's right!  A brand stinkin' new Calvin Klein sweater at a thrift from in a random thrift store in my part of the city!  Okay, okay... its a couple sizes too big for me but literally I love it.  It keeps me so warm and cozy on cooler days and is pretty much the best thing to lounge around in.  Probably my best thrift store find!

Xo, Car


Elizabeth said...

I love amazing thrift store finds like that! I just got a brand new Free People dress for $10 at a local thrift store. Made me so happy! :)

Caroline Artime said...

no way! thats probably like the best find ever!! i would be so happy!

Anonymous said...

I hope you realize that remarking that a size 2X "is like huuuggee" makes you come off as extremely insensitive.

Caroline Artime said...

i'm sorry i did not mean to come off as insensitive! :( i actually feel really bad now and realize my word choice was bad!
what i should have said was the the sweater was a couple sizes too large for me personally and should have disregarded the size.
personally, i think everyone is beautiful no matter what their size is as long as they're trying their personal hardest to be as healthy as possible for them.

i am sincerely sorry from the bottom of my heart that i may have offended you or anyone else reading this post.