Camazing Designs: Posies in May!

Hey all!  As most of you fashionistas know we'll both be graduating from high school next year, and while most of my friends (including Katie) will be going off to college I'll be moving to Europe for a couple months!  Words cannot describe how excited I am to be going on such a big adventure as it!  Okay, so why am I telling you all this you ask?  Well, this is where you come in:  I need your help!  As you all know I have my own accessory line through my Etsy shop, Camazing Designs, where I sell my little flowery pieces.  You can help me out by checking it out and purchasing one of my many items, and on top of that they're all under $10!!   Some of my pieces are featured in the picture in this post!  Thanks for being so legit!
Xo, Caroline

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