Beach Bliss

So, this coming year we'll both be entering our senior years in high school... the grand finale of it all, and that means it's time for us to start seriously thinking about what we want to do after it all ends next June.  I for one am very excited for what life has in store for me after graduation but first, of course, before I can do anything extraordinary, there is one thing that all high school students have to do.  Tour colleges.  So for the past week, my mother, sister, a few family friends of ours, and I have been touring colleges all up the Golden Coast.  Let me give you the down low about how legit this trip has been.  First off, we went to see Westmont College in breath-taking Montecito, CA.  The campus was beautiful and the super hot tour guide is what made the tour worth wild.  If I wasn't so determined to go to fashion school, my number one choice so far would have to be Westmont.  So after about an hour and half on campus with our hottie tour guide, we stopped by a little deli for lunch where we sat right next to country singer, Brad Paisley, and his adorable family.  And if you hadn't figured out yet, I am an avid country music fan-- I mean, it's my life.  I could barely breathe just knowing I was sharing the same air as this guy, who happens to be one of my favorites!!  But then, to top of that wonderful lunch break, we found Oprah's house.  Yeah, I said it... Oprah.  It was literally just around the corner.  Can you say best day ever? It was legit!  After all of that excitement, we headed down to UCSB, which I for one did not like.  I could never see myself going there, so I'm not really gonna talk about it.  I really didn't like it...  Anyways, after a day of touring colleges, practically having lunch with a celebrity, and driving through most beautiful place in California I've ever seen, we made it to our little beach house in Shell Beach, CA (aka, San Luis Obispo).  We are literally a stones throw away from the water.  But what would the beach be without a little beach fashion?  (You knew I was getting to this.)  What I like to wear at sunset on the beach is pretty simple:  jeans, white tee, colorful scarf.  Nothing too flashing, but really cute at the same time.  Rachel (photog), wore a cute little floral skirt that I love, cream graphic tee, and a jean jacket-- Perfect for a quick little photo shoot on the beach.  Check it out, yeah?

Xo, Caroline

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