I'm Inspired By... ((The Devil Wears Prada))

            So I just finished watching the Devil Wears Prada. (I didn't actually finish it... I got preoccupied with planning my trip to Europe.  Oops!)  But after I turned it off, I realized how much that movie has inspired me.  I think its the first initial thing that actually inspired me to want to be apart of the fashion world.  Its what sparked my love for clothes and design and everything to do with any of it.  To simply see the movie version of that world makes me want to be there right now, to be as talented as all of those people are, to be there.  Now.  I want it so badly; words cannot describe how badly I want to be apart of it all.  Someday; I'll get there.  Someday I will be the one who styled the look on the cover of Vogue, Nylon, Bazaar... all of them.  That will be me, and to think that if I had never watched the movie I wouldn't have even known that this is what I truly love.  Gosh, that movie inspires me so much, I just thought you all should know because you obviously read this blog for a reason.  Am I the only one out there with a situation like this, or are you in the same boat as I am?
Xo, Caroline

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