Day in the Life: Houseboats

 So, if you keep up with our little blog here, you probably know that we took a couple days off because we were on a trip!  Because we love you so much, and this is a "Day in the Life" post, we wanted to share some pictures of our week with all of y'all!  Basically it was a week long of sea-sick-ness (even though we were on a lake), yummy food, wake-boarding, tubing, injuries, jam sessions, conversations, sleepless nights under the stars, "pero like", man names, and Jesus.  Our skin has been kissed by the sun and our bodies have been rocked to their cores.   It was an amazing experience to live, without contact to anyone else, with the people we love the most.

Xo, Legit

((ps, I am DEF jealous of Faith's shirt in the second to last picture..... that's why its posted.  Xo, Car)

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