DIY: fringe crop top!

Okay, so trying something a little new here-- a DIY project! (Okay, everything we do is new... it's been over a year and we're still trying to develop this whole shenanigan.)   Every store I walk into I see these shirts everywhere ranging from the price of $12-$68, and if your like me (on a tight budget) and have lots of shirts lying around that you just don't wear so often anymore-- pay attention!  For our first DIY I am going to show you how to make a crop top with fringe that you will actually be proud of and wear a ton!  Follow these simple six steps and you'll be on your way to having the perfect top for make the perfect outfit!  Hope you find this helpful!  (Steps below)
Xo, Caroline

If the pictures weren't self explanatory enough for you...
1. cut bottom stitching off
2. cut side seams completely off both sides to the measurement that you desire
3. cut every 1-1.5 inches up to the same spot you cut off the seam (step 2)
4. this is how it should look
5. tie knots at the top of each individual strand
6. pull both down on the stripes and across the shirt to stretch so its not too tight around the waist

P.S. I'm not sure why the last picture is being mean and not rotating even though its not turned that way originally... weird, silly Blogger!

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Anonymous said...

I love this. Cute look for the Summer... Been trying to look up some DIY t-shirt tutorials to try out on my old tees. :)

Your latest follower on Bloglovin' and GFC, Lauren x