Spring Trends 1/3

Spring is here!  And for that reason, I've decided that I am going to do a three post set about trends for Spring 2012.  This here, obviously, is the first of the three posts I will be doing.  The picture above features three trends that are going to be big this season. 

#1 If bustiers aren't already popular enough right now, they're going to get even more popular as the season progresses!  Now, you're probably thinking aren't those pretty trashy, Caroline? Well, honestly, yes, sometimes they can be very trashy, but this season, the style of bustiers that are going to be in are ones that are more like tanks.  But don't get them confused with tanks because they are very, very different.  I like to think of bustiers as "shells" because well, like turtles, they kinda keep everything in!  They're super edgy and current, I am definitely loving this trend! 
Dos: Pair with hi-waisted shorts, skirts, or layer under over-sized tees, tanks and dresses
Don'ts: DO NOT pair with any low cut shorts or pants,even if you're body is runway model status, you'll just look trashy.  Also, do not wear one that lets everything loose, cover up a little bit and leave the guys guessing!
#2 Tangerine orange is pretty much the new black this Spring! This bright bold color is making a huge splash one runways and in stores everywhere.  I am personally loving this color trend because I for one love to stand out in a crowd when it comes to what I'm wearing.  Tangerine is such a happy color that is definitely a transition trend that will go on into summer.  You might think that tangerine isn't a flattering color because its so bold and might now look good on a lot of skin tones, but trust me, a tangy orange like this is one of those colors that can even make paper look sun-kissed!

Dos: Pair tangerine with light washed denim or floral
Don'ts: DO NOT mix tangerine (or any orange for that matter) with a harsh black!  You do not want to be walking around looking like a giant jack-o-lantern!
#3 Floral has been in for a long time now for almost every season, so this Spring is no exception!  This Spring, though, instead of mini-print floral, a rather big and bold print is what's going to keep you looking fresh and up-to-date!  They're not much I can say about floral, because it's pretty self explanatory for Spring.  I mean, what scream "ITS SPRING!!" more than a couple hundred colorful flowers splash all over your latest dress, pant or blouse??

Dos: Pair bold floral with a cute denim capri or shorts, or if you're choosing a floral dress, go for leather wedges and a simple/classic bag.
Don'ts: DO NOT pair with other prints (unless of course you know how to mix prints properly, I'll do a post about that later)
I hope this was all helpful!  I'll be posting Spring Trends 2/3 soon!  Stay tuned!

Xo, Caroline


Madeline said...

I think bustiers are an AWESOME trend but none fit me due to my lack of chest! So sad! :(

Legit Fashion said...

oh girl, you are lucky! less busty works better for bustiers, i believe! you can totally wear them without looking super provocative and it could even look kinda classy! give them a try! i recommend trying out Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters for well fitted bustiers if you're on a budget and have that kind of style :)
Xo, Caroline

Men Trend said...

Really love the orange!