floral jeans.. oh my!

So after the crazy amount of responses I received on my Facebook post about loving floral jeans, here's the post I promised you all!  Printed jeans have been brought back many times before, but I have a strong feeling that they're really going to make it big this Spring.  Right now the only ones I've been liking are the ones from Paige Denim.  They're so subtle, yet they have such a wow-factor!  While searching the site, I also found a pair of galaxy print jeans that I literally started drooling over!  Seriously, guys, this is ~legit~ ...printed denim is going to be BIG this year!  You really don't want to miss out on this trend because, like, well... it's pretty fabulous!

But a helpful hint: try to find a pair that suites you.  Especially ones that are different from everyone else's because if everyone was walking around with the same pair of Paige Denims on, well, that wouldn't be very fashion forward... would it?

Seriously, check out these pictures from Paige's recent ad campaign!  Three words:

Xo, Caroline


Wura Gold said...

You're right that it is important to pick jeans that suit you, I don't like it when I see everyone wearing a top or jeans from exactly the same shop. I agree printed jeans are going to be big this season. I love the ones in the first pic.

I am now following you hun, please check my blog out :) xx


Anonymous said...


Legit Fashion said...

I know right? Aren't the AMAZING?!

Lucy Loves To Blog said...

They are so gorgeous! I'd be way to self conscious to wear them though!

Lucy Loves To Blog

Anonymous said...

floral's <3 ...definitely going to check out Paige Denim
Thanks for the post! X