Cinderella at the ball

 Saturday I was princess for a day.  Well, I was princess along with 24 other girls in this mother-daughter charity organization I'm in.  We waited for this moment since we were 12 years old, and last Saturday night, it finally happened.  Of course, fashion played a big role in the whole experience.  I mean, what makes a deb, a deb?  (A deb is a debutante if you were wondering!!)  The white dress of course!  Obviously the white dress I am wearing above is the one I wore.  I purchased the dress at David's Bridal, but sewed on my own beading work around the waistband and hemmed the bottom a teeny-tiny bit.  I found this gorgeous tiara, headband thing at the Fashion District in Downtown LA, which, I think was the perfect finishing touch!  In the second photograph you can see what Katie wore, sorta.  I absolutely loved Katie's dress.  Not sure where she bought it, it was a blush pink dress.  The waistband fell at the natural waist and it had one sleeve which was very airy.  It was simply perfect!  And of course, she paired it with some fierce Litas... I mean would expect anything less?
Because the ball ended around 1am, Katie and I, along with three of our friends, spent the night at the venue and went to brunch the next morning.  The third photo above is what we all wore.  If you have any question about where we got any piece of clothing from, just comment below and I'd be more than glad to let you know!

Xo, Caroline


Me - said...

Wow these photos are amazing. Great post!


Anonymous said...

You look gorg' in that dress!
Hope you had a rad time, it's a one time experience!



Roxalne's sisters said...

love the dress!
you all look so beautiful:D

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