UK love

I love America, don't let me not mislead you, but words cannot describe how much I love our oversees friends.  I love them not only for their culture, music and languages, but mainly for their fashions.  I may be wrong because I have yet traveled to any European country, but I have this inkling that everyone over there always looks good.  I dream about walking through London or Paris or Milan and everyone looks drop dead gorgeous because unlike America, they don't produce clothing that is boring or not fashionable.  One of my favorite activities is stumbling through some of my fellow blogger's blog from the UK.  They're clothing are so cute, and while reading one blog (pardon me, I forget which one) I found a link to this boutique (Sugarhill Boutique) and seriously guys, I instantly fell in love.  Everything online was to die for and I'd probably drop a couple hundred dollars if I had the funds to!  I really, really like the dress in the middle.. It is so chic and cute and I absolutely need it in my wardrobe!  

To shop Sugarhill Boutique, click here!

Xo, Caroline


Rollicking said...

I love the dots dress ! ♥

Blog 101 said...

Love the Ice cream sweater!!!! I want oneee!!

fortheloveeoffashion said...

I'm going to London/Europe in June for 3 months (I'm from Australia), definitely looking forward to all the fashion over there!
Also love that dress in the middle!

Legit Fashion said...

ooh la la! that's awesome! i'm going to europe too, but in august, and i am so looking forward to all the shopping!!
xo, Caroline