I've loved Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen from the second I opened my first Ashley Olsen Barbie doll given to me on Christmas Eve 2001 from my best friend Zachary.  Ever since then, the sisters have grown up to be some of the biggest influences in my life other than my family and friends.  I was kid around the time they were kids; I was teen around the time they were teens (and so on!)  Not only do I love them for the incredible fashion sense and beauty, but because of their ambition, accomplishments and humility.  
In addition, I love the two because when they're photographed they never look perfectly perfect like every other celebrity out there.  They just look like normal women who happen to be in the spotlight and I absolutely adore that.  No airbrushed faces, no it-took-three-hours hairdos.  And I think in the midst of all their imperfection, they're the perfect role model for young, aspiring fashionistas like me.  Sure, they've had their problems and they've dealt with them but I mean, who doesn't?  They're not perfect and shouldn't be expected to be just because they're on the cover of magazines.  
And I also personally love that they've been famous since they were born but have managed to live one of the most incognito celebrity lifestyles ever.  I mean, I think they deserve so much more credit than they're given.

Sending lots of love to MKA and all my readers! Xo,

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