My Outfit: Skirt- American Apparel, Blouse- Heavenly Couture, Cardigan- GAP, Boots- Nordstrom, Belt- thrifted.
Hi guys! So I have some exciting news... I'm making friends at college!  Yay!!!  Okay, so like that's not a really big deal since obviously it was inevitable that I would make friends but like its still exciting!  Randomly one night one of my roommates invited her friend over and he brought his friend and then we became friends when we realized he had matching clothes.  (Okay, not the same exact thing since he's a dude and I'm not!)  After this marvelous discovery, we decided that a twin day was necessary... and that happened to be yesterday!  Anyways, my new friend/candy stripe twin is named Jacob Wildfong (sick name right?!) and he's a pretty legit fashion photographer!  He's a SCAD student just like me, so its obvious that he's gonna be famous one day so check out his Flickr >>here<< to see what he's up to!

Stay classy. Xo,

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**Again, sorry for the horrible picture quality.  These were taken on my iPhone.  Still working on getting a new camera.

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thismodernlove said...

cute! it'd be cool if twin day was an actual holiday lol.