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Button Down- Civvies // Slip- Nordstrom // Shoes- N/A //  headband- DIY //  Purse- Coach // Sunnies- Urban Outfitters

Hey babes,
 As you all are probably aware of my now... I go to an art college and I absolutely love everything single thing about it.  I think though, that my favorite thing of all is the fact that I can wear whatever the heck I want and not be looked at funny or have people think, "Hey, isn't Caroline a little overdressed for class?" or "What in the world is she wearing?!"  I love it!  Yesterday, after being in school for practically two months, I decided that I would actually get fully dressed for class.  Obviously I get dressed everyday and I wear clothes (duh), but yesterday I decided that I would actually do my hair and make-up pretty-ly and create a new look from pieces in my closet.  And actually, I think it was the best day I've had in a couple weeks!  
So, like the point I made in a speech for my public speaking class today, what you wear has a lot of effects on your life so dress up!!  Get fab, go wild!

Wildly, xo

P.S. If you'd like a DIY on how to make my headband, click the "ADORE" button below this post!!

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**Photos by the lovely Victoria Strong.


thismodernlove said...

Hey Car! I love the white flower crown on you :) What are your future career plans after you graduate art college? How are you managing school and blogging at the same time?


Caroline Artime said...

Jenny-- Thank you so much! After I graduate, I hope to work as a stylist or buyer for Free People or Anthropology (or any of the stores in that family!). Managing a blog while being in school is a lot of work, but I've realized that since I am at such a creative college, its a lot easier than it was when I was blogging in high school. I think my key to succes is that acknowledge that I am a blogger and that it comes with responsibilities. I have readers that depend on me, so I can't slack off (even though I do... a LOT!!!) I just set apart some time in the afternoons when I don't have class to write and plan things out! I also take advantage of the little moments walking through campus to snap photos of my outfits! I hope this helped you out in whatever way you needed it!

Love your blog! Xo,

Saint Allison said...

I love the headband, you are soo freakin' adorable and best of luck in school! :)


Elizabeth said...

I love that slip! :) I'm an engineering student, and I love dressing up so I get weird looks all the time, but I just don't care! haha :)

xo Elizabeth