the little things

 So as I was scrolling through the lovely pages of Tumblr this evening, I noticed some posts that I normally don't reblog (see photos above).  I noticed that I never reblog or even give photos about the little details of fashion pictures a second glance.  I'm not sure why though, but tonight I did give them that second glance.  Through this simple, silly action the idea of detail really hit me.  Like, when you look at an outfit you look at it as a whole first... then if you like it (or don't like it!) you break it down into detail and examine each little attribute.  It's so silly, but it made me think about the importance of the little things when it comes to what we wear... a simple cuffed jean, or the chunkiness of a sweater make all the difference.  Sorry if I'm sounding a little crazy tonight, but its important!!

Being crazy! Xo,

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