summertime sadness

Dress - Nordstrom Rack // Hat - American Eagle Outfitters // Shoes (not shown) - Terra Cotta

I think the most important thing right now is that you all know that I wasn't actually sad when I took this picture even though it looks like I'm about to shed a tear or two.  For some reason over the years I've realized the lack of control I have in my face muscles... Baaaasically that means I never really know exactly what my straight face looks like... Whooops!  Anyways, this picture of my false sadness is actually kind of relevant because for the past two weeks I've had Lana Del Rey's song Summertime Sadness stuck in my head.... and its Summertime and I look really sad in this picture.  It definitely wasn't intentional, but I think my current obsession with the song inspired this all black look.  Below is my favorite version of the song...

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