i love starting out my days reading poetry or other blogs to fill my heart and mind with inspiration (yes, more inspiration) and joy.  this morning my class was cancelled so i was able to enjoy some coffee and finish my poetry book up, clean my entire house, work on some laundry and spend sometime reading.  one of my favorite online (and print) reads is darling magazine.  since i am a poor college student i can't always afford getting my hands on a print copy so i more than gladly settle for their online articles.  today i wanted to share with you all (if there are any of you out there reading this!) some articles and books that i highly recommend reading to make ya think and go on the rest of your day with a new perspective.  the following links go to articles that i believe all women (and men) should be reading at the moment!  for book suggestions, i only have one today and that is new and selected poems: volume two by mary oliver.  enjoy!!

The Power of Affirmation via Darling Magazine
When Smallness is a Gift via Darling Magazine
How Does Your Closet Make You Feel? via The Chic Site
Mary Oliver quotes via Good Reads

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