so lately i have been mad crazy about finding inspiration, being inspiring, surrounding my things by inspiring people and things, finding inspiration in others and on and on and on.  i have really been trying to focus on being a positive light in peoples light and this has really helped me live a more positive lifestyle.  i have found that inspiration, at least for me, is one of the most super important things in life.  whether its being inspired in the sense of finding beauty in the simplest things or the wise words of the people of this world, being inspired constantly is something i believe everyone should strive to live like.  i thought that i would share some quotes every once in a while that really hit home with me, so i want you to be inspired by them too.  

here are three quotes that i've been inspired by lately, to find more inspiring quotes you can follow my words pinterest board here!

"you don't always need a plan.  sometimes you just need to breathe.  trust.  let go.  and see what happens." - unknown, source

"every morning we get a chance to be different.  a change to change.  a chance to be better.  your past is your past.  leave it there.  get on with the future part." - nicole williams, source

go out and be inspired by everything.  inspiration is key to igniting so many things within yourself.  what's inspiring you??? let me know in comments below!

x, c

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