california has all {practically all} of my favorite things: sunshine, mountains, beach, real mexican food, my sister, downtown, beautiful flowers and so much more.  if you aren't from california, take it from someone who moved away.... its definitely the best place, i don't regret my decision to leave, but it does make me sad that i'm not there right now!!

anyways, this is a photo journal of my trip home for break.  i was in los angeles for six weeks and these are so pieces of my stay at home.

in order from top to bottom:
my sister & the 3rd street promenade at santa monica beach
my great aunts old book that i use to press all the flowers i collect of my hikes {the yellow ones smell the best}
my last shot of downtown on my way to the airport, i always regret not spending more time getting lost in the downtown area
a beautiful rock on a drive i took up to the mountains
view from the ski lift at mammoth mountain, barely any snow
street art found downtown
pier in ventura
i visited my sister at school in santa barbara, we went to the beach
la super rica {best mexican food} in santa barbara
my lovely little windowsill

i hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving/christmas/new year!
xo car

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