sasha has always been my absolute favorite model, since i'm not sure when but i'm obsessed.  i love back stories and i think hers is absolutely wonderful.  i think out of all of the models in the fashion industry she is the most unique and authentic.  from her personal life, to her art, to her modeling sasha doesn't stress perfection and embraces things how they are which i think is a pretty perfect way to look at things.  watch this video presented by free people and be inspired by sasha like i am!

also, i'm back in savannah.   winter quarter just started and its twenty-eight degrees today... basically, this little californian girl is cuddled up in bed trying to stay as warm as possible and trying not to think about how much she misses the eighty degree weather she experienced at home in LA.   anyways, i have a bunch of things i have to put up on the blog: winter break activities, my final project from last quarter and a bunch more.  i'm excited about this!

love you all! stay warm!!!!!

xx Car

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