Hey hey hey!
Fall is coming and last night I was definitely feeling the need to bring out my new(ish) comfy sweater and jeans.  This idea was good and bad.  Let me tell you the story: My roommates and I were in desperate need of Starbucks--and a break from studying-- so we busted a mission downtown to grab our grande Salted Carmel Mochas (never again, way too sweet for me!)  Me, of course, not thinking about the weather we've had her in Savannah lately, put on the worst possible outfit for the occasion. Lets just say that it was 7pm and about 85 degrees and humid... But I sure loved the way it looked!  I am soooo ready for Fall!  ...I can't believe I just said that!  Maybe its because this is the first time I'll actually get to experience real Fall since LA Fall is basically summer with some rain.

Xo, Car

P.S. Sorry for the horrible picture quality... I moved and forgot to bring a camera so my iPhone is all I got for right now.  I'm working on getting my hands on a camera though!

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