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Hey all!
Unfortunately, sometimes us bloggers do have lives and do have to do things that leave little to no time for blogging.  Its really sad actually, so I took lots of pictures to fill you in on what I've been up to this past month.  Yes, if you've been keeping up with Legit you'll know that I was in Spain, but for those of you who don't know that... just go to the main page and scroll your little hearts away!  Anyways, here's a quick snippet of the last month of my life while I was gone! Vamos!

Uno- My plane entertainment: Spain review notebook, sketchbook and pencils, Pride and Prejudice, Nylon, Fitness and Marie Claire... very important things!
Dos- Elisa, me and Paula in La Plaza de Sol.  Basically they're two of my best friends and they're sisters and I stayed with them in Spain and I love that place plus my groovy outfit.
Tres- Wandering through the streets of Madrid on probably the hottest day in the history of time.
Cuatro- Me being cute and tourist in El Retiro (aka the Spanish version of Central Park and the most beautiful place ever!)
Cinco- A mega collage of my entire trip to Spain.  There are literally pictures of every thing!
Seis- A day by the pool.  Rockin' my new Zara shades and a knot bun.
Siete- Paula and I infront of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona!
Ocho- Me relaxing on the beach in Barcelona.  Basically, perfection.
Nueve- Paula, Gemma (another friend of mine from Spain) and I doing a photo shoot in La Cerdanya mountains!

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Love you guys! xo,

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