my fall must haves!

fall must haves

fall must haves by legitfashion featuring long sleeve tops

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying whatever part of the world their in right now!  Today I thought I'd share with you the seven things I think are absolutely necessary for this Fall!  So here we go:

#1- A super cozy oversized sweater.  I absolutely love a cuddly sweater-- one that I can throw on and not have to worry about!  But when I say oversized, I don't mean like excessive large... think more like, roomy but still flattering!
#2- Simple studs.  I've never been a huge fan of earrings, but lately I've really liked wearing simple but cute studs.  I think they finish a look and add a little class to your outfit (even if its a pair of mermaid tails like the ones I'm currently sporting!)
#3- Longchamp.  Every woman should own a Longchamp bag.  They're so basic ad versatile, and especially now that I've started school, I need a big bag that cute and stylish as well!  You can never go wrong with one!
#4- A flowy, easy-to-wear skirt.  Literally, I've been living in skirts lately.  Like, they are so easy to just throw on with a sweater or crop top-- definitely necessary for the Fall!  This season, I'm especially loving skirts in yellowy tones.  Anything from neon yellow to mustard yellow to the palest of pale yellows.  I don't know, they're just so basic and chic!
#5- Cuffs!  I am so in love, love, LOVE with ear cuffs for Fall.  I know they were super big this summer, but I'm pretty sure they're like ten times cooler for Fall.  (Or at least they are in my book!!)  I love them because they're so playful and kind of sassy!
#6- Booties!  Even though I don't have this exact pair of booties, I am gaga over these gems from ASH.  Like, they're perfect!  But for this season, any pair of good quality lace up "combat boots" are perfect.  They're so easy to wear and feel super Fall-ish... They're also really good for the changing weather!
#7- SUPERS.  I don't have these either, but they're like number one of my need-to-buy-immediately list!  They're absolutely perfect and I love them and I need them.  They're so Fall-ish to me!

Alright, that's all.  I hope this post gave you a little inspiration for your Fall attire!

Love you guys! Xo,

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Justina said...

I love everything on this list, especially the sweater + earrings!!