fall inspiration / update

Hey, y'all! School started this last week and now I can officially say that I am a college student!  It feels so ridiculously crazy saying that! If you all don't know, I am no longer located in Los Angeles, California... I am now in Savannah, Georgia!! Yeah, I literally went from one coast to another... and I must say, this coast is WAY different from the other, but I'm loving it.  For the first time I'm able to honestly say that I love school!  (What isn't there to love about painting and sketching all day?! Nothing!) But anyways, I should probably get to the purpose of this post.  These outfits, song and scenery are definitely somethings that have been inspiring my transition into fall wardrobe here in good ol' Sav.  From the colors, to the textures, to the sounds... I am definitely feeling inspired here and I'm loving every second of it.  

Peace! xo,

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